Save the Tiger!


Save the Tiger!

They tell us to save the tiger! But why do they

turn a blind eye to the poaching of Tigers?

They say the Tiger is our National Animal,

So Shera is the mascot of the Commonwealth

Games! Tiger ,Tiger, in death you serve as an

Aphrodisiac! You are our National export to

serve the needs of impotent people. Tiger

Tiger, what can I do to save you? I covet your

Territory to build my homes and my industries!

Tiger, tiger make way for me, I am the Tiger of

today’s concrete jungle! Your growl has turned to

a whimper Of a child crying for his mother

who will not return because poacher uncle has shot

her dead! Tiger, tiger,you are more valuable dead

than alive! Your body-Parts fuel the avarice of men.

Tiger,tiger you are History, you are another Dodo!

I am stronger than You, make way for me,

An impotent human being

who fuels his sexual drive through you, I have a gun

Which will show who is King, its growl is

Louder than yours! Tiger tiger make way for

Me, the new Lord of the World!

Your days are numbered, I am greater

Than you, the new Lord of the Jungle!


This is a self written poem by me I hope You liked it! Aircel, thank you for reminding me about the plight of the Tigers in India. Their

Advertisement is a poignant reminder of the plight of the tiger which is our National Animal! Unfortunately, Project tiger is a miserable failure, and today we have very few tigers left in a

country known for its tigers!


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