Life is a red, red, red Rose!

Life is a red, red rose,

Beautiful till it blooms, but ugly at the end!

In youth, bright, red, the centre of attraction

But at the end, ugly and neglected, wrinkled

And gnarled!

See that young girl, attractive,

Proud, the envy of others? But, alas,

Soon, will her beauty wither away!

So savour life till it exists, a gift from God,

Cherish every moment of life, as if your last!

Life is a red red rose,

A whiff of strong scent wafting in the air,

Catch it, trap it, before it fades away in the air!

Your smart looks will soon fade away in the bleaching

Sun, and you will become a grand old man!

See that ice castle shimmering in the air?

Soon the sun will come and melt it down!

But then life is beautiful and precious beyond

All things! Cherish it till it lasts! For with the

Ugly you have the beautiful, the harsh truth of life!

Life is a red red rose,

Soon the holidays will be over, but you had

A good time! Soon your youth will be over,

But you had fun! For now, it is up to you

To make life more beautiful than ever before!

Soon her beauty will wither away with

The care of child and spouse! And he, the handsome

Hunk will become bowed down with the cares of life!

But then you all had a good time, so why blame?

For the memories of good time prop you up!


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