Each morning she greeted me with a smile,
And asked me how I was! Sometimes she told me
That I looked nice! Now that smile and those warm eyes
Remind me of how much they all loved me.

Some of those children thought I was their friend,
And they’d come and confide to me about who had
Troubled them in class, while others told me about home!
Everyone of them brought me chocolates so grand.

My friends, all of them, buoyed my spirit so,
That I forgot all my worries to watch them play so!
If innocence lies in the eyes of playful, smiling children,
Then are they not the angels of God sent below?

Where there was one, there were many, all eager
To grab my attention, a smile, and a kind word from me, for
They all loved me so, the quiet, the mischievous, and the innocent,
All lead by Cytheria, the little one with a kind word for all!

Would the little ones think it was a dream, when they woke,
To see a kindred soul in the waking morn gone suddenly, a lost dream to fade,
Perhaps, it was destined to be so, too good to be true, for in my place you’d expect
A disgruntled, and cross old man instead of a smiling pleasant one like me!

Don’t you know it was Cytheria and her friends,
That brought out the child in me, so that i could share their smiles,
And share the secrets of kindred souls,
About intimations of immortality and a better life awaiting us above.

For our Master hath said, deny not the children,
To come to me, for you shall enter my Kingdom,
Only when you become innocent like children,
And Cytheria and her friends brought out the child in me!


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