Africa-A Poem

Far away in the distance lies the mystical land of my birth,
Where childhood pranks appear in dreams so vivid, while sleeping,
I see, Paradise , exotic animals and plants that hold sway!

If I would ever go back to that land, would it be the one I knew?
For sure, dreams of childhood be firm in sleep but dissolve on waking!
Till now, have I but the luck to own the treasure that dreams do make.

So do I see, a land where strange birds do take to blue skies,
And lions brave dare to share the roads with men, simply not fearing
Those with guns held like props that harm none!

A mystical world with veils of magic woven into
The fabric of life, and happiness and excitement by the morning
Sun brought forth, of something wonderful yet to happen!

Mornings do bring forth happiness and pleasure,
Afternoons are reserved for tasks to be done , while the evening
Does promise restful sleep for men, and awakening for creatures strange!

So do my childhood memories do fuel a dream so rich, of exotic dawn
Of African sky. A treasure-trove of riches beyond measure, reminding
Me of life with magic so great, where promises are so rich and fair!

Thus, do I view my share of dreams of a land of my birth,
One so mystical and exotic, where nature and man live in harmony, sharing
In the beauty of life, man, beast and flower as one!

In my dream saw I the red velvet spiders march forth in the rains,
And porcupines that shed their quills, the roads turned to mulch, as slipping And skidding we made our merry ways, laughing and joking!

A life so innocent and yet so informed about the truths of life,
Where every child knows of lessons of birth and death, nature teaching
Us lessons of life, and the need to respect one another!

In a land of mysteries so fair was I born,
A treasure trove to fuel my dreams in days to come, remembering
The days when as a child I did partake in pranks so innocent!

But then, it was a world so rich that made the stuff of my dreams,
A world to treasure in times so tense, where people competing,
Look for memories so rich, but alas, are bereft of memories so fair!


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