On Building a School for You A Poem


I see before me, a sight of frenzied action!
Men in in yellow hard hats bobbing up and down,
Iron rods reach up to the sky, bare fingers pointing
At a sky so high! So does a new shape emerge,
The result of all those men and women, coming
Together, to make a structure stand where none was there!

I see before me men lugging bags of mortar,
Hauling iron rods, tying wires, moving around-
All moving with a combined goal,and none do rest!
They do remind me of frenzied ants, that, before
Winter, homes with food do stock-a lesson for all
That ants do teach!

The sound of the drill cutting through the lintel,
The shriek of the saw as it cuts through a wall
All music to the ears- like birds which nest!
A building which will stand testimony to the work
They have put in! And soon will there be a building
Where none was there!

Of the workers, none will remain,
Save the edifice that will live on, a testimony
To the frenzied work of the men and women,
While yellow hats bobbed, drills did grind,
And iron rods probed into a sky, soon to be
Clothed in concrete so thick!

For workers will come and go,
But the monument they build will through years.
A time will come when the noise of drills and shriek of
Saws falls silent-and hats won’t bob, rods won’t probe.
But sure, will be replaced by noisy children darting
Forth as the bell does ring-for a school it was,
That they had built!



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