To Kiss the Stars

If I could slow down time and beat the stars at their game, I’d
Be the brightest one in the sky! To hold Time by her hand
Would please me! So grab hold of the moment before it slips
Away, and plant a kiss square on her lips ere she slips away.

‘You get only one chance and ‘poof,’ it’s gone before you know,
Leaving you to live a life of regret so great, so grab hold oh,
The moment, dear, and plant a kiss, on her lips before she
Turns away,’ would be my advice to all those friends out there!

As life goes by, a never ending stream, you sit by the shore,
Attempting to arrest some of the waters that flow through your
Fingers! But life being so ever changing, so never the same,
Grab hold her hand and kiss her on the lips before she goes!

Thus do lovers sere and sad, wreck their hearts and livers;
As they lament a moment lost, with panting sighs and ears
That twitch, for a sound of beloved’s returning feet. But, Alas!
Has the moment passed, and they are left twiddling their thumbs!


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