Sure woul I kiss your lips so full,

To taste the nectar so sweet. 

But then to grab the moment

Would be a need so great!


But oh, to grab you in my arms,

And to share my love for you,

Like a thirsty one, seeking to

Drink from a well with water sweet.


But then, if only you’d look at me

And accept me for what I am,

For riches wouldn’t define me, 

But test me for my love for you!


We’d turn the world upside down,

You and me, we’d build a world to

Ourselves, if only you’d grant me

A kiss!  My love, my  dearest!


When I looked at your lips so full,

Eyes that sank to great depths,

Oh, my love, to grabe  the moment,

Was to me of great importance.


When I saw your smilies, thought I

To lose my cares and my woes,

If ony you’d grant me a kiss, would

I challenge the world so sure!


iF a kiss could make a difference,

I’d kiss all night, but oh, my love,

Grant me my petition that I might

Kiss you so long, all throut the night!


If our passion might be quelled with a 

Night so deep, my love, I’d be with you

Forever so long, just grant me my kiss

So sweet, that I might live a life so full!


If a kiss could assuage my desire so deep,

Why would you deny me so? For sure, I’ll

Take you on a journey so sweet, where

Passions do meld into a dream so pure!



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