A Sneak Preview into Escape from Athabasca, a Collection of Short Stories and Poems

About the Author

Rodrick Rajive Lal is the author of Dew Drops, a Collection of Poems, The Andromeda Connection, A Journey in Time ( A Collection of short stories), and The Science Fiction Romance Novel, The Other Side of Love, Beyond A Shadow Of Doubt. He is vociferous reader and a keen observer of life, who likes describing stories that draw inspiration from the myriad flavours of life. Born in Addis Abeba, the Capital city of Ethiopia, he now lives with his wife and two Daughters in Gurgaon (Delhi NCR) India and teaches English to high school students.

About the Book

Escape from Athabasca: ‘A Collection of Short Stories and Poems’ deals with a wide range of themes taken from everyday life. The book describes life as a complex mix of the mundane and the extraordinary. Would it be a big surprise to hear about how someone who has never flown a plane before manages to fly one with great success? While some of the stories and poems in the book deal with the mundane – domestic issues there are others that highlight the importance of friendship, risks and dangers in space travel, or even the impact of virtual game shows on young people. Just because we live secure lives  far away from conflict zones, it doesn’t mean we are shielded from the possibility of a nuclear war. Human life however is also about hope and inspiration, as is proved by the story of the bravery and persistence of a girl who conquered the Everest with one prosthetic foot. The poems in this book provide a poetical rendition of a world that is sometimes offset by bereavement or at other times the comicality of a roadside barber trimming and shaving the hair of his clients unperturbed by a disturbed world that rushes by.


Vineet wrapped the ring in a tissue after looking at it for some time, and then placed it on the dressing table in his bedroom. The next morning he woke up early in the morning at about five, grabbed the ring and drove on to the bridge over the Yamuna river. He stopped his car and then opening the tissue, he gazed at the ring one last time. Tears flooded his eyes, he wanted to keep the ring, a keepsake that would remind him of the woman he had loved so much, but then he was firm about what had to be done. He folded the tissue back over the ring and whispering, ‘Good bye Shalini!’ he flung the ring as hard as he could, over the railing into the Yamuna River.


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