A few photographs of Indian wild birds

These are a few photographs of wild birds found in Northern India, taken at the Sultanpur bird sanctuary close to Gurgaon, Harayan, India. I used a Canon 1100D, DSLR with a 55-250 mm lens. These snaps are nearly one year old, and I hope to get a few more when I visit the bird sanctuary this year!


The Cormorant is a pretty common bird found near wetlands, lakes and rivers. It is commonly seen during the winters.


The Indian Grass Bird can be found throughout the year.


The Egret is a migratory bird that can be found near water bodies during the winter season in India.


The White-Throated Kingfisher is a common sight in India, especially close to lakes and rivers.


The  Kestrel is a native or local bird. It feeds on small rodents and insects.


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